Wayfarers' Guild

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The Wayfarers’ Guild is one of two neutral organizations within Dannae
(The other being the NationState Insurance Company). The guild originated as a group of independent balloon pilots from before the war. Lead by Airman Jack, a very charismatic and intelligent man, who successfully flew a zeppelin into the Plane of Gears and back during the early days of the war. They built themselves up by accepting any paying transportation job and have since obtained a monopoly on air travel and freight (owing much to the fact they are the only balloons in the air no one will shoot down). The guild enjoys political immunity and considerable privileges with both sides in the war and their base of operations, Boiler Town, is a neutral city.

The Wayfarers provide the only means of safe long-ranged travel, via Zeppelin, to all locations of note in Dannae. Although the guild can also be contracted to transport troops (behind friendly lines only) deploying troops from within Boiler Town itself is not permitted.

Wayfarers' Guild

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