House Ruled Powder Weapons

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*courtesy of amstein99

Powder Weapons all have an ammo capacity(number of attacks that can be made before loading) and load speed stat.

Weapon Ammo Cap. Damage Load Speed Special Prof. Range
Shotgun 2 1D10/1d4 Move Brutal:1 +2 Cls. Blst 5/8
Sawed-Off 2 1d12/1d4 Move Brutal:2 +1 Melee/Cls Blst 3
Rifle 4 1d10 Move High Crit +3 20/40
Drum Magazine Rifle 21 /3 round burst 1d8 (d6/2 rounds hit) Move Brutal 1 +3 10/20
Pistol(.22) 6 1D6 Move High Crit +3 10/20
Pistol(.45) 6 1D8 Move High Crit +2 15/30

The Speed Loader Feat can lower load times of weapons by one step.

Shotgun attack: Close blast 5 or 8 (One creature in blast); 1[W] + modifier damage to target and 1d4 damage to all creatures adjacent to main target also in the blast.

*My own addition(s)

Special ammunition

  • Rat Shot – pellet cartridge round for pistols – Close blast 5 (One creature in blast) 1wpn damage to target and 1/2 damage to all creatures adjacent to main target.
  • Solid Slug – Shotgun and Sawed-Off – Reduces target to one creature in blast and negates 2 points of damage resistance(any) at level 1 [4 at 11, 6 at 21]
  • Incendiary Rounds – available for all weapons – adds fire damage type to attacks made using this ammunition.

Switching ammunition types in combat is a normal reload speed if all rounds of current type are expended, one step higher if not.

DM’s Note: I will be happy to hear any constructive criticism (especially concerns about balance) and suggestions for other special ammo. types. {The phrase “This is stupid…” is not welcome here}

House Ruled Powder Weapons

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