Commendation Points

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Commendation Points is a reward system I implemented at the start of my campaign to reward my players for behaviors I wanted to encourage. The original version of the system was set up so that once a player reached 8 commendation points they would be rewarded with a character specific minor magic item. I have chosen to modify this system using a modified version of the prestige point system used in DM Hewie’s campaign An Old Threat for a New World.

Prestige Points

Prestige Points are going to be a system of rechargeable points that can be gained by out of game contributions. Anything from creating a background for your character, to writing an adventure log, to other things that the DM deems worthy of a point. These points can either be used or permanently “burned” for various in game effects. Most things will earn you 1 prestige point, but it’s up to the DMs discretion to award more points for exemplary work.

There are 3 ways in which you can use your Prestige Points. You can be spend them during a game session for the bonuses listed under Prestige Point Uses, these points are not permanently used up, and will replenish each game session. You can also “burn” them for bonuses listed under Prestige Point Burns. However any points used in this manner will be permanently lost. Finally you can use them on Ability Prestige Point Burns to gain bonuses that will be permanent. However you can only purchase each Ability Prestige Point Burn once per character.
Prestige Point Uses

  • Bonus to a roll (before a roll)
    o + 2 Cost: 1
    o + 4 Cost: 3
    o + 6 Cost: 6
  • Reroll attack or damage
    o Cost: 1
  • Reroll skill check
    o Cost: 1
  • Move up one slot in initiative
    o Cost: 1
  • Reroll one death saving throw
    o Cost: 1
  • Gain an additional standard action
    o Cost: 6

Prestige Point Burns

  • Avoid being critically hit
    o Cost: 1
  • Avoid death
    o Cost: 3
  • Gain an additional standard action
    o Cost: 1
  • Gain +20 to next roll (not damage)
    o Cost: 1

Ability Prestige Point Burns

  • Gain permanent +1 luck bonus to any one skill
    o Cost: 2
  • Gain a magic item of player’s choice
    o Cost: 20

Current CP Values

Player Commendation Points
Brandis 8
Ana 10
Darius 13
Fawkes 11
Morg 11
Clyde 6
F8 8

Commendation Points

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