Artificers' Guild

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The Artificers’ Guild is one of the oldest groups in Dannae (along with The Collective and the Church of Technology). Most hold the Artificers responsible for beginning the war. Hoping to increase their power and standing among the former nations of Dannae they attempted to use a ritual to create a small, stable gate to the Plane of Gears to steal its technology to further their own science. However, they were not prepared for the overwhelming strength and numbers of the Machine-Men and the Imperium. The Imperial Clock used its power to tear the gate, now known as The Rift, wide open and maintain it then began pouring its forces through. This leads to a lot of suspicion and mistrust of guild members.

Most of the technology that has not been adapted from the Imperium or developed by the Church is of Artificer origin. The guild does not generally miss a chance to use this to leverage power for themselves. The majority of the citizens of the City States today question the guild’s motives.

The Artificer citadel of Hightower is the second city state under their control, the first having been lost and destroyed on the day of Rift Opening and has since been rebuilt into the Clockwork Citadel.

Hierarchy of the Artificers’ Guild:

I. High Artificer Archibald
II. Elevated Engineers (Guild’s Secret Police)
III. Artificers’ Council (7 members)
III.a. Academy Masters
III.a.1 Academy Instructors
III.a.2 Academy Students
III.b. Clockwork Practitioners (study, control and improve clockworks)
III.b.1 General Artificers

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Artificers' Guild

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