Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

05/08/2011 "Grinding Gears" Pt.4

Douglas Howser
Personal Journal Entry #39
58th Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

I was ever glad to see the gates of Hightower again after leaving the old Methren weapons research depot (as that is what the bunker complex turned out to be_). After we found Heinrich in a storeroom that had been converted to a prison cell we made our way out of the main bunker to recover his lost journals. Before we made it out of the lower levels, however, we were intercepted by a group of Lizardfolk (_damn scales).

Shepard emerged from the narrow hallway leading out of the lower levels to be ambushed with four shotgun blasts and two uprooted juvenile trees, most hit. He just barely survived the onslaught and thanks in part to our quick responses and the complex’s defense system coming back online we were able to bring the savages down. Cassi ended one of the large, tree swinging scales with her eldritch powers. Morg finished the other bruiser as well as several of the green ones with the shotguns. Brandis dispatched a greenscale and after much healing effort was spent on Shepard, (and not Brandis for once), by myself and Heinrich, Shepard also defeated one of the reptiles.

Once out of that bunker we searched the other two smaller bunker that we had not earlier. In the first we found some weapon schematics. One, a “drum magazine rifle,” seemed promising for quick mass-production (once we can get inside The Foundry to see the Weaponers). The second was a very powerful seeming weapon called a “multi-integral-neutralized-inertia gun” or mini gun for short.

Inside the second bunker we came across a strange glass cylinder filled with a semi-translucent, blue fluid that contained a humanoid figure within. We chose to open the tube to see who was inside. That was a bad idea; we ended up releasing a biologically and mechanically engineered weapon that we later found out was called a Wererat Engineered Soldier, or W.E.S. for short (so many acronyms). It was a tough battle, the sucker had enhanced regeneration and mechanical implants to augment its abilities, but we were able to beat it. Darius even struck the killing blow so hard that he tore half the creature’s torso away from its body ( and he had hit it in the arm).

Now that we have returned Heinrich to the Artificers and ‘A Company’ has been rewarded they have been asked by Heinrich to check up on a firend of his in Bastion City. Some wizard named Ferugahl. I however, have received orders that I am to be transferred to Bravo Company in the 3rd Battalion. I will make my goodbyes when they board their airship in the morning.



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