Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

04/02/2011 "Grinding Gears" Pt.3

Douglas Howser
Personal Journal Entry # 38
55th Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

After that atrocious fight we pressed further into the ‘bunker.’ At this point the floors and walls changed from the concrete and metal construction of the bunker above to worked stone and mortar. Fawkes noticed some symbols that revealed this to be part of a temple from one of the old religions though he didn’t know which one. When we exited the room now piled with fresh corpses we were faced with a choice of left or right, either way down a stone hallway that hooked again at the end.

Brandis scouted each hallway, both ended in a door with the one on the left being locked and the right was not. We chose to take the unlocked door first and found ourselves in a storage room full of crates, barrels and boxes all marked with “DANGER: Explosive”. Morg was in the lead and as soon as he stepped in the door a spear came flying at him from out of nowhere. The spear struck him in the chest and snapped on his armor plating, the head of the spear lodged itself in the door frame. We were able to move forward a bit more without incident but as soon as Brandis rounded the corner of a stack of boxes he was greeted by a blast from a shotgun that just narrowly missed.

Standing in a corner of this maze of crates was another Greenscale carrying both a long-barrel shotgun and a sawed-off. Fawkes decided to go up and over the nearest box wall between him and the Greenscale and was rewarded with a blast from the sawed-off in the chest. Orsi blasted the lizard with a burst of cold and Brandis finished it off.

Once the lizard was dealt with we searched the area, Fawkes took some of the explosives from the crates and Morg and Brandis found a chest just behind the dead lizard. We moved the chest into the antechamber where we fought the Clockwork Guardian and Brandis searched the chest for traps and then unlocked it. Morg insisted he be the one to open the chest and it was a good thing he did because as soon as he cracked the lid the poison dart trap Brandis had failed to detect fired. The dart managed to slip through his armor plating but the poison was so old it had no effect. Within the chest was a Visor of the Ages, 50 silver pistol rounds, and two bars of Carbon Steel.

All that was left to us now was the left hallway and locked door. Brandis checked the door twice for traps and unlocked it then Morg kicked the door open and stepped in to take a bullet in the chest from the Jailor’s pistol. Morg, enraged by the sudden attack, charged the Jailor striking him hard with his clockwork-leg greatclub. As the rest of us began to enter the jail area Cassi entered first and was struck by the jailor’s halberd and knocked to the floor. Brandis made some weird, pinching gesture with his hand and the Jailor seemed to be hurt by it but then Morg just crushed him under his club.

There were four cells in the area each with a single individual within, three of them appeared to be disheveled old men. Morg began unlocking cells starting with the old men and once he had opened the third cell we heard sickening cracking and popping sounds followed by shrill, high-pitched hissing. The trio of old men turned out to be a trio of wererats and they were now attacking us. Brandis, Cassi, and Fawkes were each bitten and seem to have contracted a disease from it. Morg broke one of the wererats under his club and Fawkes to another’s head off with his shotgun. Cassi killed the third with a spell that seemed to steal the wererat’s life energy and give it to her. The fourth cell held a man in a drug induced catatonic state. Orsi flushed the drugs from his system and then flipped out and started slapping the poor guy even after he came around. That continued for about a minute until a metal fist slammed into Orsi’s gut knocking the wind out of him. The man introduced himself as Heinrich Mineshadow, after a little suspicion of us (Orsi had not helped there), and when we explained the situation he agreed to come with us after we retrieve the rest of his journals from the complex.



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