Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

03/19/2011 "Grinding Gears" Pt.2

Douglas Howser
Personal Journal Entry # 37
53rd Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

I am accompanying ‘A Company’ again, this time we are “off duty.” Our objective is to make good on a promise Major Shepard made to some artificer broad in Hightower. Her nephew is lost or something and we are going to find him and babysit him home.

Things started out easy enough, a couple days ‘stroll’ through the woods but then we came across this old, pre-war bunker complex. It must have been from one of the Old-Nations and it was pretty solid looking for an obvious civilian construction. Morg approached the nearest bunker and put his luck to the test punching random codes into the pass-lock. It had square metal buttons and a set of gear-reels with letters and numbers running the edge of the gears. As Morg punched in codes the reels spun to align into phrases like “I N C O M P L E T E – C O D E.” Eventually he entered the correct passcode, he said it was ‘IC3C R34M.’

The heavy door to the bunker opened and when we entered we found ourselves in a hallway with three rooms off of it. Looking around we found some scrap and the journal of one Heinrich Mineshadow. The damn thing was written in Draconic and no one in the unit knows how to speak it. We seemed at a loss for a bit until Fawkes used his hand of fate ritual to figure this out. The first two questions were utter failures but on our third and final Fawkes asked “Where do we go next?” and surprisingly the hand pointed in a clear direction. The room across the hall.

In the next room we found a scroll of comprehend languages in a filing cabinet, it had some old (very old) Church insignia on it. After using the scroll Fawkes could understand the journal, most of it was useless, but the last entry said that Heinrich was moving to another bunker and that the passcode for it was C|_|P C4K35. Shepard searched the last room, finding a terminal in it but when he tried to access it there was a charging sound and he barely leaped out of the way before the terminal exploded. (What a putz…)

Dire rat
Image by: Warren Mahy care:WotC MM4E

We found the correct bunker but when we entered the passcode the door opened only and inch or two, Morg and the Major had to force it open. When we got inside we found a few giant rats which Fawkes balsted out of our way with a single gesture. On exploring this bunker we found a room that looked like an old break-room, it even had an old couch in it though it was obviously a rats’ nest. Morg went to search the couch for change in the cushions or something and a dire rat leaped out at him. Luckily it was caught in one of the couch springs and could not get out of the couch. We dealt with it pretty quickly and Morg did actually find some old coins in the cushions, looks like they are from one of the Old-Nations.

Across the foyer from the break-room we found another room with some old terminals. (we weren’t sure we should let Shepard at these) Morg accessed the first terminal and pulled up the blueprints for the bunker complex, the first bunker and the two we hadn’t visited appeared to be storage facilities this one being the main structure. The Major successfully accessed the second terminal finding some research data and a catalog of the experiments in the scientific complex that this turned out to be. Brandis used the third terminal and found a few options, the most interesting being “Turret Controls.” We cleared the targeting parameters, heard some turret fire, and then reset the parameters to include only ourselves as friendly targets.

We then proceeded through the last door, down a flight of stairs, and through another door to find ourselves in a room with four fresh corpses, a pair of broken turrets, and three very angry looking enemies. A Clockwork Guardian, another of those Greenscales with a sawed-off, and a mean looking hobgoblin with a staff. The Greenscale shot Brandis with his sawed-off, then the Guardian shield-smashed him to the floor. Morg and Shepard tag teamed the Guardian, Morg delivered a hell of a blow with his greatclub-fashioned-from-a-clockwork’s-leg. The hobgoblin turned a dial on his staff and the end crackled with blue light that he jabbed into Brandis’ chest, stopping his heart right there on the bunker floor. I rushed over and got him up and alive again and warned him about the health perils of crackling, blue light and unprotected exposure. Cassi sent a surge of eldritch energy slamming into the Guardian ceasing its functions.

Shepard and Morg began closing in on the hobgoblin, which he did not like, and the hobgoblin responded by leveling the lot of us, except Cassi who was out of range, with a pulse of force that slammed most of us against the back wall and knocked Brandis out… again. The Greenscale was nearly taken out at this point and had been all but useless since its first attack on Brandis. The hobgoblin got off one last attack on the Major, a blast of targeted force energy that knocked him unconscious and threw him back along the floor into a heap along the back wall. We jostled around a bit more, Cassi laid a devastating hit on the hobgoblin and drained the last of his life-force away.



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