Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

03/05/2011 "Grinding Gears" Pt.1

Convoy Captain Driggle Woolsworth
Escort Performance Review
47th Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

My convoy was deployed to transport a supply of weapons to The Foundry for bolstering defenses against the current clockwork siege (We should have flown them in but the damned Wayfarers’ Guild wouldn’t do it because it would be crossing current “enemy lines”). ‘A Company’ was assigned escort detail to protect the walkers. We had a wonderfully quiet journey up until we entered Anvil Pass.

image by: Steve Prescott care: Wizards of the Coast MM 4E

As we neared a bottleneck in the canyon we ran into a small mine field and were ambushed by a deployment of Coglings and Greenscale conscripts armed with sawed-off shotguns and poisonous darts. The enemy leaped down upon us from the cliffs above. With Greenscale ahead and behind and the Coglings all jumbled up in our line we were brought to a halt until a path could be cleared.

Major Shepard and Morg had been leading our ranks with Brandis and Reverend Fawkes to the middle and Cassi and Orsi Rumblegut to the rear. The Greenscales up front attacked first, firing not only upon Major Shepard but also on their own Imperium allies! Shepard was hit with the blast as were two of the Coglings which directly began to cease functions. To my horror I saw both Coglings strike at Shepard before falling inert to the canyon floor. (I don’t mind saying that this gnome has never been in such a hairy situation!) My rear guard has informed me that the Greenscale at our flanks were next to engage, firing on poor Miss Cassi and our rear walker with their shotguns.

Our escorts were quick to return the greeting, Darius engaged the Greenscales up front in a shotgun battle with Morg’s support. Young Brandis and the Reverend made quick work of the Coglings to our middle, suffering more final reprisals as they did so. (One of the cursed things ran straight for us and blew itself up!) Poor Miss Cassi was hit with poison darts and before all was done Brandis, Orsi and even good Reverend Fawkes joined her in the malady. Orsi deployed a mechanical gorilla I’m told he calls “Rosie” to come to Cassi’s aid against her reptilian assailants; unfortunately, the construct suffered several strong hits and was shortly taken out of the fray.

The good reverend summoned one of those Church tech Angels and proceeded to show the lizards to the back what a former Legionnaire can do. Just as the Major and Morg cleared a path up front Miss Cassi succumbed to the poisons and fell unconscious on the canyon floor behind us. Brave Orsi ran back to aid her and bring her back to the convoy as we made our way on to The Foundry.

My summary evaluation of ‘A Company’s performance as our convoy escorts should read as exemplary as should be expected of a unit of their standing.



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