Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

03/04/2011 "Fighting Against the Clock" Pt.3

Reginald Heffenfeffer
Artificers’ Guild: Field Operation Witness’ Report
43rd Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

I accompanied ‘A Company’ to the Imperium camp in a ravine west of Hightower. We arrived sometime around midnight near the southeast edge of the encampment. Their shady fellow, Brandis and Major Shepard set out to infiltrate the collection of tents to locate, identify, and disable a pair of metal towers that turned out to be short-wave broadcast antennae. Shepard became preoccupied with providing distractions to allow Brandis some breathing room to complete his task.

While the two of them were off crawling around in the dark, the rest of ‘A Company’ prepared themselves to support their comrades in the event they were discovered.

Brandis successfully located and disabled the antennae (though I did see some small arcs of current pass between the towers which would indicate he was trying to do something fancy. Fortunately he apparently did not succeed.) and collected a coded message from the Imperium which had been decoded into supernal and now needs further translation. . Brandis then made his way back to Shepard and the two of them slipped inside the armory tent to complete their second objective; disabling the advanced Imperium weapons to be used in the assault on Hightower for later pick-up. Once finished, the two sneaked back to join the rest of us and we departed to return to Hightower and report our success.



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