Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

03/04/2011 exploring Hightower

Douglas Howser
Personal Journal Entry # 34
44th Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

By the machine, Hightower is an enormous place. We took some time to ease down from our mission after our debrief with the High Artificer and poked around the city a bit.

Darius and Morg took off to some place called “The Grease Pit.” I hear its a coffee shop for the academy students. (I never pegged the Major for a java-lounge kinda guy, seems we have more in common than I thought…). Apparently he had a conversation with that Harden Riggs guy, turns out he’s an Enlightened Engineer! I’ll have to watch out for him from now on, those secret police guys are a bit too arm-bands and jackboots for me if you catch my drift.

Brandis, Cassi, and Fawkes discovered this awesome tavern in the Architectural district called “The Wrecking Ball.” Its three floors and huge inside, and best of all the second floor has an arcade! They are all mechanical games and novelties just there to see and tryout. Fawkes said he overheard some Gnomes talking about the Coal Mines and how the Imperium have them blockaded inside. Apparently it’s worth some money to the leadership if someone can arrange to get their coal reserves out past the clockwork.

I found out from the Major that Morg had some academy chick take an interest in his ‘anatomy’; supposedly she’s studying Warforged construction,yeah right. Morg agreed to help her with her studies though, sounds like he’s on the right track.

I heard some artificers talking about two Warforged from the USCA walking around the Garage District asking about getting into the experimental wing later that day. That must have been Morg and Shepard, the Major does kinda look like a ‘Canner’ if his armor is completely sealed up. I understand they managed to get in by sweet talking a local store owner, a Miss Marissa Mineshadow. The rumors are she’s sweet on one of them, but I also hear she just likes to find new toys to play with. I asked the Major about it but he wouldn’t say much, just that we have some favor to do for her. They wouldn’t tell me anything about the experimental wing either.

I spent most of my time in the Artificer Library in the Schemata District. On my way out I ran into Morg and Cassi, apparently they came to check out The Owner’s Manual alchemy shop and weren’t too impressed. We left to find the others at The Wrecking Ball and the Major opened our next marching orders from command.We were to rendezvous with a mobile field HQ unit and recieve our new dispatch.

So here we are now, prepping for a convoy escort to The Foundry and riding in style on the mobile HQ’s new gen six-legged walkers. Tomorrow we meet up with our convoy and the HQ unit goes its separate way.



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