Clockwork Invasion: A Steampunk Adventure in the World of Dannae

02/25/2011 "Fighting Against the Clock" Pt.1

Medic First Class, Douglas Howser
Field Service Report
35th Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

I was assigned temporary medic duties to ‘A Company’, 4th Battalion, Special Operations Unit during a field engagement against Imperium forces in the Southern Blasted Lands region. After an extended shelling barrage the USCA forces under Colonel Cragedin Samulken took the field against the clockwork menace. ‘A Company’, composed of Brandis Usar, Rev. Warren Fawkes, Morg the Warforged and Dreger Don Omen, was deployed to the second defensive trench line and we found ourselves across the entrenchment from a large detachment of clockwork forces.

Steampunk inspiration 7

Fawkes opened up on the enemy first. With a wave of his hand he sent three arcs of radiant energy across the trench to strike at a trio of Clockwork Foot Soldiers sending each into convulsions and shaking them to pieces. Brandis suddenly bolted forward from the line making an all-out run for the trench. I believe it was his goal to leap the gap and begin his assault on the enemies there but at the last second the toe of his boot snagged on a stray coil of barbed wire and he was whipped down into the trench out of sight.

Morg made a more coherent and pragmatic attempt to cross the trench by dropping down within and then climbing out the other side. Meanwhile Dreger was off to the side being wizardly in his strange horned, red skinned sort of way (he’s a bit creepy), I could not see if he was making any meaningful contribution to the effort. (I have heard that Don Omen has been passed up for several commendations, rumors are he is suspected of being a spy).

We continued to carve out way through the clockwork, the only real threat being about a score of Clockwork Scouts firing upon us from range with .22 pistols. I found myself ambushed by a little more than a half-score of Foot Soldiers while I was taking cover from the pistol barrage. Fortunately my defensive prowess was such that only one or two even managed to scratch me. It was then that that dubious Dreger dropped a blast of fire right on top of me, (I am sure he was trying to eliminate me). Fortunately his attack failed to take me in but did eliminate a few of the clockwork about me.

The rest of the battle continued well in hand until the last few clockwork activated their self-destruct functions in an attempt to take us with them.

Colonel Cragedin Samulken
Unit Review Report
36th Snowmelt, 138th year after Rift Opening

‘A Company’ was dispatched to a small wilderness area approximately ten kliks west of the temporary command post established after the previous day’s engagement. Their assigned objective was the location and assault of a bunker network under clockwork control. Rev. Fawkes successfully lead the unit to the camouflaged entrance where they encountered a small pack of wolves aggressed the unit members.

Iron defender
image by: Ron Lemen(?) care: WotC MM 4E

Brandis scouted the entrance to the bunker complex and after a short exploration they were engaged by a handful of hobgoblins and a pair of Iron Defenders. Morg made short work of the hobgoblins and Dreger and Brandis removed the Iron Defenders. (Dreger reduced the Iron Defenders to molten slag. His lack of tactical restraint is unfortunate, a pair of refurbished Iron Defenders would have been a valuable asset for the battalion).

Brandis once again scouted the next bunker in the network and enabled a quick and brutal assault on the quartet of hobgoblins by Morg. As the rest of the unit joined the combat the remaining hobgoblins fell back behind cover down the narrow hallway. Brandis lead the press down the hall only to find himself opened up upon by a pair of twin light machine-guns.

Once past the machine-gun hall, ‘A Company’ came upon a large locked door. Morg attempted to breach the door and met with some success; however, the bar backing the door would not budge. The door then opened from the other side and a Clockwork Captain invited the unit into his office. . Major Darius Shepherd, who had just rejoined his unit, cut the Imperium force’s commander off with a unprompted blast from his shotgun. The blast successfully depleted the Captain’s magnetic barrier shield and, while doing no damage, cleared the way for a quick and decisive battle.

Morg rushed and destroyed an automated turret, narrowly avoiding evisceration by a spear trap, while Darius and Fawkes engaged the Captain directly. Brandis charged across the room, leaping over the Captain’s desk and flipping mid-air to land behind the clockwork and also landed a potent strike upon him. Fawkes connected with his signature radiant energy blasts on the Captain and a second turret and Cassi escaped the energy cell in time to let out an eldritch blast on the Captain.

When all was said and done ‘A Company’ discovered a clockwork machination to attack Hightower in a surprise raid. (Brandis also came back with a fancy new set of footwear. They appeared to be Acrobat’s Boots, I shall have to question him as to from whence they came). I sent the unit on towards Hightower to alert Archibald about the impeding attack.



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